Visual FoxPro 9 позволяет создавать ещё более производительные приложения баз данных.
Двадцатиление FoxPro! Microsoft принимает поздравления.
Visual FoxPro Toolkit for .NET - более 225 функций VFP 7.0, для языков .NET (подробнее)

TOLEDO что нового?.

What's New in Visual FoxPro 8.0


The best just keeps getting better! Visual FoxPro 8.0 provides even faster and more powerful features for building great database applications. With Visual FoxPro 8.0 you can more rapidly design and create great applications whether they are desktop, client/server, nTier, or web. Here are some of the many great new features:


Development Productivity

     Try..Catch..Finally – structured exception handling

     Code References – search for symbol and other text references throughout your projects

     Collections – native support for collections of objects

     Event Binding – raise and bind events for native VFP objects

     Toolbox – customizable tool for all your favorite classes, controls and XML Web services

     Task Pane – assistance with common developer tasks at your finger tips


Data Enhancements

     Auto Increment – new table data type that acts like a counter for each new record     CursorAdapter – improve connectivity to remote data with new extended cursor class

     Data Environment – ability to subclass and reuse a DE in a class form

     View Designer – new two-way support and improved handling for complex queries

     Delayed Data Binding – easily handle when controls on a form are bound to data

     DBC Field Expressions – you can now specify an expression for a Field Caption


Rich Client

     Windows XP Themes – give your apps the latest UI look and feel of Windows XP

    GDI+ Imaging – adds support for a number of new image formats including animated GIFs

    Pageframes – change orientation of your page tabs

    Grids – set selected row highlight color, autosize columns, listbox-like selector support,  header image and freeze columns

    Buttons – control position of image on a button and set backcolor

    Member Classes – ability to subclass Page, Optionbutton, Column, and Header classes.


Misc Language and Other Enhancements

    XMLAdapter – new class with support for hierarchical XML and diffgram consumption

    SCATTER NAME ADDITIVE, INSERT FROM NAME – improved use of objects for record inserts and updates

    DOCK WINDOW, ADOCKSTATE() – control docking of IDE windows and toolbars

    ADDPROPERTY(), REMOVEPROPERTY() – add and remove properties from any object

    XML Web Services classes – publish and consume XML Web services as easily as VFP data

    Reporting – ability to chain reports, print page x of y, and suppress saving of printer environment settings

    View Parent Code – quickly view code from parent classes in the method editor

    Menus – easily move existing menu pads and bars around in designer

    Improved support for COM arrays – specify parameter and return types as arrays for COM interopt                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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